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Our 5 step process uses the most advanced technology coupled with Dr. Goth Siu's artistry to produce truly astounding results
1. Consultation
2. Virtual Smile Design
3. Test Drive Your Smile
4. Master Ceramist
5. Your New Smile

Meet Dr. Goth Siu for a private in person consultation with digital photography for facial and smile analysis

Experience the mock-up or virtual smile design to help you visualize your end result

Customized functional provisionals to test drive your new teeth and smile, and ensure the best result

Our porcelain, unlike most clinics, is hand made by a master ceramist with close involvement by Dr. Siu

We use the newest ceramic bonding systems to ensure long-term success, and a smile that will be an asset for a life time


At Smile Aesthetics we believe that revealing your best smile should be affordable and accessible to everyone.  Partnering with Healthsmart, they can break down the investment  in your smile to affordable payments. Click the icon to find out more!

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