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A Prosthodontist is a specialized dentist who has received 3 years of additional full-time training in the esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth. Prosthodontics is one of the dental specialties recognized by the American & Canadian Dental Associations and training is through an accredited university or hospital. There are only several hundred board certified prosthodontists in Canada and only a small fraction practice in the Toronto Area. 

General dentists can take care of most of your dental needs but complex cases may require a team of dental specialists.  Just like how Orthodontists focus on braces, and Endodontists focus on root canals, Prosthodontists are responsible for the overall treatment planning and restoration of your teeth and smile. 

Prosthodontists are specifically trained in full-mouth reconstructive cases, esthetic smile makeovers, dental implants, crown and bridges, fixed or removable dentures. Prosthodontists also have in-depth knowledge and training in dental materials so restorations can provide patients with long-term success and highly esthetic outcomes. 


  • You have missing teeth and you want to have them replaced.

  • You have many bad teeth (cavities or loose teeth or worn teeth) and you want to have a long-term functional solution to fix many/all your teeth. 

  • You want to improve your smile.

  • You have a removable prosthesis and you want teeth that are fixed in so you no longer have to take them out. 

  • You have dentures that are loose and uncomfortable and you cannot eat well. 

  • Previous treatment did not work for you and you want to see if you have any other treatment options.You want a second opinion.


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